A game to flirt

Flirting is an art, but even artists in this area can not hurt a little help. We already told you how to get a girl's phone in 3 minutes, now play one of the most infallible games to flirt quickly. It will help you break the ice easily.

One of the most infallible dating games

  • YOU: - You seem really boring. Do you want me to teach you to play a very easy game?

Generally it will not be very predisposed. But you will almost certainly convince her by insisting:

  • YOU: - If you win I will invite you to a coffee, and that will already be a victory for me.

The logical thing is that she smiles and still seems not very convinced. Quickly you have to introduce him to the simplicity of the game.

  • YOU: -It is very simple. I will ask you only 5 questions and to win you will have to answer me with a wrong answer to the 5 questions.

So let's start ...

  • YOU: - Where we are?
  • SHE: - On the moon.
  • YOU: - understood! - What's your name?
  • SHE - Casimiro.
  • YOU: - Although I do not know, I am going to believe that you have given me a wrong answer (and you smile). Next question: 1+ 1 = 3?
  • SHE: - Yes.

After these three questions comes the funniest part ... The next one must be asked in a tone of voice that does not really sound like a question ...

  • YOU: -What question number was the last one?
  • SHE: - The 9.

Many girls fall and say the "3" with which you have already won the game. But there are very "awake" and that will force you to the end. If you have answered correctly, you will be laughing and thinking that you already "have you". At that moment you have to ask the last question, looking interested and with a different tone of voice as if it were not a question from before:

  • YOU: - Seriously, is this your first time playing this game?
  • SHE: Yes (it will answer almost with total probability).

Therefore, if you answer affirmatively, you will already have the wrong answer, with which you will have won the game. However, surely, as you are a gentleman, you will invite her to have a coffee, even if she is the one who has lost ...

The game is taken from A Fun Game You Could Play With A Cute Girl Tonight whose author claims not to have invented the game but instead saw it used by another person once without knowing its origin for sure.

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